25 Vegan Italian Recipes: Healthy Italian Plant-Based Palate

Can you make Italian food without meats and cheeses? Yes, of course you can! And these vegan Italian recipes are here to make sure of that without comprising any of the flavors and textures. From scrumptious pizzas and pasta to hearty sauces and salads, and decadent desserts, this Italian palate doesn’t miss anything!

TBH, my taste in Italian food is not very vast and is limited to pasta and pizzas only.

And, being an Indian, I always add a touch of my Indian spices and cooking to them like this masala macaroni, Maggi white sauce pasta, or this chapati pizza.

I never tried any authentic Italian dishes, but that all changed when I watched some appetizing YouTube shorts of spaghetti alla carbonara and risotto.

It was like I got introduced to a whole new world of eccentric flavors, textures, and cooking techniques, and I was so thrilled about it.

But I quickly noticed that most Italian dishes included meat and a ton of cheese to them, making it hard for vegan lovers to enjoy them.

So, here are some Italian vegan recipes, so that you never miss out on these mouth-watering delicacies and see the Italian cuisine in a whole new light!

Clean up your kitchen shelves, take out your floral-printed tablecloth, heat up your ovens, and get down to making these healthy and delicious vegan Italian recipes.

25 Vegan Italian Recipes

Here is a list of some of the most decadent vegan Italian recipes that I ever encountered that cover everything from pasta, soups, salads, desserts, and sauces.

Mamma Mia!

1. Vegan Pasta Bake

Ready in: 1 hr

Starting off this list of vegan Italian recipes is this pasta bake that took my heart in the first bite!

Just add pasta sauce to the cooked onions and vegan sausages, and mix them together with boiled rigatoni (or pasta of your choice).

And, don’t forget to fill in some vegan cheese shreds to make it extra creamy.

Recipe: veggiefunkitchen.com

2. Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Ready in: 20 mins

This red pepper pasta is an absolute comforting food when you’re having busy weekdays.

The red bell peppers are filled with vitamins A, and E, making the pasta healthy, while the onion and garlic give an aromatic hit.

The soy milk and cashews make things super rich and creamy.

Recipe: veganheaven.org

3. Vegan Bruschetta Pasta

Ready in: 25 mins

This Bruschetta pasta will refresh your mood in no time with its summery flavors.

It is loaded with the sweetness of tomatoes, the pungency of garlic, and the savoriness of vinegar to make you a perfect lunch that comes together rather quickly!

Top it with basil leaves to make it more appetizing and fresh.

Recipe: rabbitandwolves.com

4. The Best Vegan Lasagna

Ready in: 2 hrs 10 mins

It has to be one of the most satisfying Italian vegan recipes out there!

Layered with lots of zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach, this lasagna is extremely healthy, and vegan sausage gives it a protein blast!

Did I mention it can be stored for up to 5 days?

Recipe: thehiddenveggies.com

5. Italian Farinata Chickpea Flatbread

Ready in: 2 hrs 20 mins

This flaky flatbread is the perfect Italian snack to have on the go!

It is a vegan Italian recipe that requires only 3 basic ingredients (chickpea flour, water, and olive oil), and salt for the taste.

And what you get is a decadent dish that is crispy on the outside but creamy towards the middle.

Recipe: insidetherustickitchen.com

6. Vegan Focaccia

Ready on: 1 hr 25 mins

Crispy, fluffy, and easy to make. This dish checks out all of my favorite vegan Italian food recipes key points.

This Italian bread is highly moreish and dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar to take it to a whole new level!

You can also make it gluten-free.

Recipe: lovingitvegan.com

7. Italian Salad Dressing

Ready in: 6 mins

Spunk up your salads within minutes with this salad dressing that can be whipped up in a breeze.

Combine chopped garlic, fresh parsley, dried oregano and basil, salt, red pepper flakes, olive oil, vinegar, and water in a jar, and give it a nice shake before use.

Now, there you have a fresh and savory dressing that is sugar-free too!

Recipe: knowyourproduce.com

8. Vegan Italian Chopped Salad

Ready in: 15 mins

When I don’t have time to make a meal, I turn to this chopped salad that combines romaine lettuce, radicchio, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives, and pepperoncini to put together a perfect lunch.

It gets everything right from crunch, color, texture, acidity, spice, and much more.

You can also add nuts and fruits to get your 5-a-day in.

Recipe: veggiekinsblog.com

9. Tuscan Cannellini Bean Salad

Ready in: 20 mins

Making a healthy and quick summer meal can be tricky to make, and that’s why this vegan Italian recipe is here to help you.

This salad is full of plant protein thanks to white beans. The grape tomatoes and white wine vinegar provide their tangy flavors, and the red onion gives it a nice crunch.

Furthermore, it can be easily customized according to your liking.

Recipe: earthy-provisions.com

10. Tuscan Artichoke Tomato Salad

Ready in: 2 mins

I love this tomato salad as it is bursting with fresh and tangy flavors.

The artichoke is clearly the star of the dish and blends its nutty flavor incredibly well.

And, when mixed with Tuscan vinaigrette, it tastes like heaven!

Recipe: shortgirltallorder.com

11. Vegan Caprese Salad

Ready in: 12 hrs 10 mins

I’ve never tasted a Caprese salad that tasted as good as this salad did.

It is silky, creamy, crunch, and bursting with aromatic sweetness and salty flavors.

It’s one of those vegan Italian recipes that keeps on giving and giving a flavorsome punch!

Recipe: thefirchen.com

12. The Best Vegan Meatballs

Ready in: 25 mins

Who said you can’t savor the deliciousness of meat without eating one?

This dish delivers the same texture and taste without using any meat substitutes, and the best thing about vegan Italian food recipes like this is that you don’t need flour, eggs, or nuts.

Serve it at a party, or save it for your next pasta night!

Recipe: chocolatecoveredkatie.com

13. Chocolate Caramel Affogato

Ready in: 2 mins

A combination of coffee, ice cream, and chocolate syrup? There’s nothing that could go wrong!

It is an amazing dessert that never ceases to surprise me with its strong but sweet flavors.

Sprinkle on some crushed cashews, or almonds, and it will blow your mind up.

Recipe: strengthandsunshine.com

14. Vegan Panna Cotta with Strawberry Sauce

Ready in: 2 hrs 25 mins

This coconut-based treat will definitely make a name for itself in your book of best vegan Italian recipes.

The gelatin is replaced by agar agar powder to make it vegan-friendly, while the strawberry sauces fills it with its signature sweet and savory flavor.

Pair with a slice of mango or melon to give it a fruity mixture.

Recipe: cleaneatingkitchen.com

15. Vegan Tiramisu

Ready in: 55 mins

Say bye-bye to normal flour cakes when you have this tiramisu that is so soft and tasty.

The almond and rice flour makes the dough fluffy and the mascarpone sauce is responsible for its creamy and rich texture.

Dust some cocoa powder on top for the ultimate finishing touch.

Recipe: healthiersteps.com

16. Quick & Easy Italian Pastina Soup

Ready in: 30 mins

This pastina soup is the perfect dish to have on those fall chilly nights.

All you need are a handful of ingredients to make this warm and comforting soup that can be prepared in under 30 minutes!

Add celery, carrots, pastina pasta, thyme, onion, and garlic in hot olive oil, and pour over some dry white wine. And, you’re ready to go.

Recipe: tyberrymuch.com

17. Italian Green Minestrone di Verdure Recipe

Ready in: 35 mins

I’m a huge fan of this traditional vegan Italian recipe that is so wholesome.

The green cabbage and spinach give this meal its signature green color, and carrots and celery load it necessary nutrients.

Trust me, you don’t wanna miss out on this one!

Recipe: ciaoflorentina.com

18. Vegan Italian Wedding Soup

Ready in: 40 mins

When it comes to Italian vegan recipes, nothing comes even close to this wedding soup that frankly speaking has nothing to do with weddings.

It is jam-packed with healthy veggies, and the vegan meatballs don’t let the protein content slip down either.

Don’t blame me if you can’t stop eating it.

Recipe: thecheekychickpea.com

19. Vegan Stuffed Shells

Ready in: 40 mins

These stuffed shells are a great last-minute dinner idea that’ll satisfy you to your core!

A mixture of spinach and vegan ricotta is stuffed in giant pasta shells, and soaked in marinara sauce, then baked to perfection till they turn golden.

Now that’s what I call a superb entree meal!

Recipe: foodwithfeeling.com

20. Creamy Mushroom and Pea Arancini (Fried Vegan Risotto Balls)

Ready in: 25 mins

These risotto balls are the ones to look out for when you want to impress your guests.

The Japanese breadcrumbs make the exterior remarkably crispy, while the pea and mushroom filled inside work on the richness and creaminess of this meal.

I love to dip them in marinara sauce that effortlessly spices everything up!

Recipe: thefoodietakesflight.com

21. Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Ready in: 45 mins

This risotto has become my latest obsession because it is so decadent, velvety, and filling!

It incorporates a boatload of mushrooms which I like as they are packed with protein and vitamins D, and B6.

Oh, and it can stored for around 3 days, so it can be meal prepped also.

Recipe: lovingitvegan.com

22. Vegan Tofu Parmesan Bake (Parmigiana)

Ready in: 45 mins

Gather around y’all and grab a bite of this tofu parmesan bake that keeps you smiling and full for the whole day!

This vegan Italian recipe engulfs tofu with herbed spinach cheese mix, marinara sauce, and breadcrumbs, and then garnished with pepper flakes and basil.

It’s the ideal recipe if you’re searching for a healthier alternative to normal pasta lasagnas.

Recipe: veganricha.com

23. Cheesy Vegan Garlic Bread

Ready in: 27 mins

When you’re writing about vegan Italian recipes, you gotta mentioned this garlic bread recipe.

Mix together vegan butter, chopped garlic, and parsley in a bowl, and spread it on the bread evenly. Bake them till you get a nice crunchy base.

Gobble it up as it is or pair it with your favorite soups, chili, and pasta!

Recipe: itdoesnttastelikechicken.com

24. Tuscan Vegan Gnocchi

Ready in: 20 mins

This is one of my go-to dishes whenever I’m running out of time but I want something healthy with bold flavors.

This one-pan recipe only requires a handful of ingredients, and it doesn’t make your kitchen a mess.

Pasta nights have never been so delectable.

Recipe: noracooks.com

25. Authentic Italian Taralli with Fennel Recipe

Ready in: 3 hrs 25 mins

You’ll forget all about ordinary breadsticks when try out one of these taralli that are full of flavor and texture.

Though rolling the dough might be cumbersome, so appoint a rolling partner to make things easy (you’ll thank me later).

Snack them alone, or have them with Italian cheeses, you won’t be disappointed and that’s for sure.

Recipe: noplatelikehome.com

What do You Think?

So here’s the list of vegan Italian recipes that I’ve enjoyed so far, even though they are vegan, I never had a feeling that I was missing out on any flavors and textures, and they are a great way to stay plant-based and get the full potential out of them.

How many of these Italian vegan recipes have you tried? And let me know what are your favorite vegan Italian food recipes in the comments section below!

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