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Hello Everyone! I’m Moksh, a travel enthusiast and a foodie. I create easy-to-understand and inspiring Food & Travel blogs that can motivate you to plan your big dream trip.


lemon pesto pasta on a white plate
Lemon Pesto Pasta ( Simple + Delicious )
This lemon pesto pasta is a quick weeknight dinner getaway that comprises a no-cook pesto sauce, pasta of your choice, and some mozzarella for a cheesy...
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lemon pesto recipe
Easy Fresh Lemon Pesto Recipe
This lemon pesto recipe calls for pantry-friendly ingredients starring lemon, basil, pistachios, salt, and lots of cheese. It is a no-cook sauce that is...
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texas toast in air fryer
The Best Texas Toast In Air Fryer In 8 Minutes
This Texas toast in air fryer is an amazing side dish to pair with your favorite pasta that requires minimal effort. These irresistible slices are crispy,...
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gluten and dairy free snacks
25+ Easy Gluten And Dairy Free Snacks
Feeling a bit hungry? No worries, these gluten and dairy free snacks will fill you up until the next meal. They are full of nutrition and packed with body-loving...
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mango mocktail in a glass
Mango Mocktail ( Effortless + Refreshing )
This mango mocktail combines fruity mangoes with fresh mint and citrusy zing of the lemon, capturing the indulging essence of summer in every slurp. It...
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pasta alfredo pesto on a white plate
20-Minute Easy Pasta Alfredo Pesto ( Gluten-Free )
This pasta alfredo pesto screams delicious and it is easy enough to throw together for any occasion. Just mix the pasta with Alfredo pesto sauce, and garnish...
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