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The Ultimate 3 Nights 4 Days Udaipur Itinerary

Udaipur is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Referred to as the “Pearl of the Rajasthan”, Udaipur is a popular tourist destination for Indian and international visitors. The city is well known for its opulent palaces and for the annual Mewar Festival, which is a major cultural event. Plan your trip to Udaipur with this 3 nights 4 days Udaipur itinerary and discover some of the most majestic lakes, beautiful palaces, and mind-blowing temples you don’t wanna miss!

Things to do in 3 nights and 4 days in Udaipur (Ultimate Udaipur Itinerary)

Udaipur has a diverse and rich history and its all embedded in its culture, the apparels, and its food. There is so much to cover in this holy place, and hopefully this 3 nights 4 days Udaipur Itinerary helps you uncover it.

Day 1 – Do Nearby Stuff

Udaipur is a large city to experience and you don’t want to get fatigued on your very first day of your 4 days in Udaipur. So go to nearby markets or temples or restaurants etc. Don’t push yourself on this day and just chill.

You can also visit the lakes of Udaipur on the first day like Fateh Sagar Lake and kill some time in the celebration mall.

Tip – Find a hotel near a lake. Usually there are huge markets around and a walk by the lake in the evening just rejuvenates you completely!

Day 2 – Explore the Old City

On the 2nd day of this Udaipur itinerary, there is a lot to unpack in Old Udaipur (also known as Chand pol) and it is the main tourist spot. Explore Bagore ki Haveli (They perform a folk dance show at 7 pm in the Haveli), Gangaur Ghats, Jagdish Temple, and Pichola Lake. But the one place you can’t miss exploring is the City Palace (Ticket cost per person- Rs 300 / 3.6 USD for Indians, Rs 600 / 7.3 USD for Foreigners + optional Rs 500 / 6 USD for the guide).

Tip – Rent an auto rickshaw (for Rs 1200 / 14.5 USD) and they will cover all the major tourist points in the Old City as well as the New City.

How to Get to The Old City

By Car :

Old Udaipur city is around 5km from the new city. Travelling by a taxi/car is not suitable because the roads in the old city (Chand Pol) are basically narrow streets and there are areas where no 4-wheelers are allowed. You have to grab an auto rickshaw or rent a 2-wheeler or walk to get around the old city.

By Auto-rickshaw (3-Wheeler) :

By far the best way to travel in Chand Pol is by auto-rickshaw. They are the most convenient way of travelling as they are easy to find and not that much expensive. they usually charge Rs 20-50 / 0.25-0.6 USD per person.

Tip – Bargaining is allowed whenever travelling via taxi or auto-rickshaw.

Day 3 – Nathdwara and Haldighati

As mentioned above, Udaipur is a very religious place and has a rich history behind it. Nathdwara and Haldighati comes under the must visit places when spending 4 days in Udaipur. Although these destinations does not come under the borders of Udaipur, they are two of the most popular tourist spots as they signifies the traditions, cultures and history of Udaipur.


On this day, leave your hotel around 10 am and hit the road for Nathdwara (around 45km from Udaipur) first as this is a holy place and there are a lot of temples to visit and time slots are allotted to each one of them. But Shri Nath Ji Temple is the main attention puller and around 2000 to 5000 devotees visit the temple per day.

On your way to Nathdwara, do visit Ekling Ji temple (best time 10:30am – 1:30pm) dedicated to Lord Shiva in Kailashpuri.

Tip – Try to bring a pair of slippers with you as you have to take off your footwear when entering a temple.

Also a new establishment, The Statue of Belief (Lord Shiva) has also been built which is 370 feet tall and is gaining a lot of attention day by day. Ticket costs from Rs 400 / 5 USD to Rs 1500 / 18 USD and the timings are 8:30am to 12:30pm and 3pm to 8:30 pm.


Haldighati (around 48km from Udaipur) is a historic place where the Battle of Haldighati was fought between the Mewar forces led by Maharana Pratap, and the Mughal forces led by Man Singh.

This place is full of lush forest and greenery. You may come across some villages here too and the main attraction point is the Haldighati Museum.

This museum is all about the history and bravery of King Maharana Pratap. It is extremely well built and they are also building a brand new museum there also. The Haldighati museum is open all week 7am to 7pm and the ticket price is Rs 130 / 1.5 USD.

Tip – On the way to the museum, you can visit rose farms and you can buy perfumes, rose water, health related products etc. produced from rose from the farmers at a heavy discount.

How to Get to Nathdwara and Haldighati

By Car :

The best way to get to Nathdwara and Haldighati is via car/taxi. It would be comfortable, can be as flexible as you like and would take less travelling time. Your hotel can easily book you a cab and the cab fare could be between Rs 3000 / 36 USD to Rs 4000 / 48 USD.

By Bus :

Remember, a bus would be Jam packed if you catch it from the bus stand but it is more economical. It would cost you around Rs 500 / 6 USD if you are travelling via bus. So it is a good transportation mode if you are on a budget.

Day 4 – Packing up

After the amazing 3 days, you have covered most of the main spots in this Udaipur itinerary. Now its time to pack up your stuff, and relish all the fantastic memories you’ve taken with you. Head to Maharana Pratap Airport for your flight or Maharana Pratap/Udaipur Railway Station if you have a train to catch.

If you have a late flight back home, you can visit the Hathi Pol market for the perfect 3 nights and 4 days in Udaipur. The market is famous for its handicraft products and fashion and the prices are reasonable as well as negotiable.

Tip: You can check out top 12 things to experience in Udaipur here

What is the best time to visit Udaipur ?

The best time to visit for 3 nights and 4 days in Udaipur is in the winter season which starts from October and ends in February. The temperature ranges from 5 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. This is the peak time and remains the most busiest till March. The climate remains pleasantly cool (during the evening the temperature drops suddenly). The influx of visitors starts in October when the Indian festival and holiday season gets underway.

Although if you are planning to visit Udaipur in the early months, the best time would be in the monsoon season which starts from July and ends in September. The temperature ranges from 23 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius and the city remains somewhat busy. The greenery just glows up and vibe of Udaipur changes completely and the rains are not so heavy that one cannot explore the city.

Tip – It is recommended to visit the Monsoon Palace during the monsoon season (as the name of the palace suggests).

how much does 3 nights 4 days udaipur itinerary costs ?

Overall expenses for 3 nights and 4 days in Udaipur would be around Rs 10000 / 120 USD to Rs 25000 / 300 USD. This includes travelling, accommodations, food, and ticket costs to attractions.

  • Hotel: Rs 2000 / 24 USD to Rs 7000 / 85 USD per night
  • Hostel: Rs 600 / 7 USD to Rs 2000 / 24 USD per night
  • Food: Rs 300 / 4 USD to Rs 500 / 6 USD per meal
  • Travel: Rs 400 / 5 USD to Rs 700 / 8 USD per day
  • Entrances: Rs 300 / 4 USD to Rs 700 / 8 USD per day

how to visit Udaipur ?

Getting to Udaipur

There are various modes of transportation you can choose to get to Udaipur. All these modes give you a unique and wonderful experience on your way to the place.

By Plane :

The nearest airport from Udaipur is Maharana Pratap Airport which is 20 km from the city centre. Though it is not an international airport, it is well connected to through air to all significant Indian cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Jaipur. Popular airlines including Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Air Deccan, and Kingfisher Airlines operate daily flights to and from Udaipur.

For transportation between the airport and the city after you arrive, you can easily reserve pre-paid taxis or hire cabs once you get at the airport.

By Train :

There are two main railway stations: Maharana Pratap Railway Station and the main Udaipur Railway Station.

Udaipur is located on a huge rail network that links it to important Indian cities including Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, Indore, Mumbai, and Kota. Mewar Express, Gwalior-Udaipur Express, Bandra-Udaipur SF Express, Chetak Express, and Ananya Express are some of the well-known trains that run every day and Udaipur is also planned to receive the renowned and opulent Palace on Wheels.

Once you reach the station, you can hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw depending on where do you want to get down in the city. The fare will depend on the number of kilometers covered.

By Car :

If you enjoy a decent road trip, getting to Udaipur via car is a good option. National Highway 8 (NH 8) connects Delhi and Mumbai with Udaipur. The trip takes 10 to 11 hours to complete and travels about 700km from both the cities. Many visitors to Udaipur prefer to drive independently.

Numerous tour companies provide vehicles for hire if you’d prefer not to use your own vehicle. As an alternative, one can also rent cars with chauffeurs to get to Udaipur.

By Bus :

There is a very well-established bus service network to Udaipur, linking it to several cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Kota and Ahmedabad, among others. When it comes to bus travel, there are several choices. These consist of luxury buses, air-conditioned coaches, and government-run transportation.

Getting Around Udaipur

By Auto-Rickshaw/Tuk-Tuk :

Taking a tuk-tuk is the most easy and convenient way of getting around Udaipur. The fare costs around Rs 40 / 5 cents to Rs 100 / 1.5 USD per trip. And these tuk-tuks can also enter the narrow lanes, so you won’t have to walk all the time and don’t forget to negotiate the fare.

By Car :

You can also choose to travel by car in your Udaipur itinerary, or can rent a taxi. But some of the roads are narrow (especially in Old City), and cars are not allowed there, and you to take a walk after parking the car in a good spot (dedicated car parking are developed which take a small amount of fee).

By Walking :

Walking can be good option too. You can stop and eat at street vendors, meet cool people and sometimes if you are lucky, natives can tell you hidden gem places.

what to pack for 3 nights and 4 days in udaipur ?

No matter when you plan to visit Udaipur, the temperature tends to change suddenly especially in winter and monsoon seasons. The temperature can fluctuate from 23 degrees to 10 degrees in the winters during dusk. It is recommended to always keep an extra pair to layer around.

Packing List for Udaipur Itinerary

  • Proper Clothing: The weather in Udaipur can be unforgiving. Pack proper layers of clothing during your visit especially hoodies.
  • Universal Travel Plug: Make sure your devices can be charged Udaipur power sockets by carrying a universal travel plug.
  • Good Footwear: There will be a lot of walking in Udaipur and grab a good quality footwear.
  • Camera: Packing your camera is a no-brainer when visiting Udaipur or any other place. Capture memories of your 4 days in Udaipur.
  • Power bank: You can’t find power sockets everywhere. Charge your devices anywhere with a power bank.
  • Sunscreen: The sun can show up even in winters in Udaipur. So remember to pack a sunscreen with you.
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