9 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Model Town Yamunanagar, Haryana

Here is the list of the best fast food restaurants in model town Yamunanagar.

But first, let’s know a bit more about Yamunanagar city and about its famous food.

Yamunanagar is a small city residing in the Yamunanagar district in the state of Haryana which got its name from the river Yamuna. This city has garnered much attention over the years by being the trade hub for the state of Haryana.

It is known for the timber and plywood industries and is the Yamunanagar district municipal corporation. But most people neglect the other thing Yamunanagar is famous for; its food! So here are the 9 best fast food restaurants in model town Yamunanagar. Please note: The list is random, and not ordered according to ‘best’.

I’m talking about the fast food restaurants in Yamunanagar City, not the Yamunanagar District (Don’t get confused).

Fast Food Restaurants Breakdown

Fast food restaurants or quick service restaurants offer quick fast food service with minimal sitting areas and are cheap. They are the kind of eateries where you go for a quick bite or enjoy the food in your car or order for takeaway.

Yamunanagar serves some of the best fast food in the whole of Haryana. You’ll find plenty of fast food restaurants in every lane, stacked beside each other. The competition among restaurants is very high there, so every couple of months, there is a new restaurant or cafe opening or getting out of business.

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Chinese Tonic

As the name suggests, Chinese Tonic is famous for its Chinese food. There is no sitting area but you can eat while standing near the tall tables. This place does not have a large menu but it offers plenty from noodles to soya chaap. There is no doubt that this place is for Chinese food lovers.

Road Grill (Best Overall Fast Food Restaurants in Model Town Yamunanagar)

Road Grill has a huge menu. You can order shakes, Italian, North Indian, South Indian, Burgers, etc. But it is best known for its chicken recipes. I love its butter Chicken the most.

The sitting area is on the upper floor but it is usually busy, so the best option is to get your food delivered to your home.

Chaat Basket (Newest addition in quick service restaurants)

Chaat Basket is a newly constructed restaurant in Yamunanagar Model Town. It welcomes you with its modern and minimal interior and fancy plating but the chaat they serve is even better than most chaat serving street vendors. This place also serves Chinese but its menu is not that wide in that area.

Try its special ‘Chaat Basket’, which takes delicious and you’ll be a fan of this restaurant in no time.

Mr. Krisper

Get ready to eat the best fried chicken in the whole of Yamunanagar City at Mr. Krisper. You will find minimal veg options there but alongside it, there is Dragon Bowl which serves mostly veg and is an extension to Mr. Krisper.

You will hear the sound of the crunch every time you bite its chicken and it is delicious. I recommend you order the peri peri chicken wings and peri peri chicken legs as it packs an extra punch of flavor.

Grill Masters

Grill Masters has garnered a reputation as the best burger joint in Yamunanagar over the years. They have now branched their way in Jagadhri as well as Delhi and have become the ultimate eatery for burger lovers.

Uncle Jacks

Uncle Jacks is a massive franchise in the convenience food market and it has found its way to Yamunanagar. Uncle Jacks in YNR has been built with a ground floor and a basement which act as the sitting area and a party hall respectively, and it is famous for its beverages, fries, and burgers.

Kathi Roll Junction

Probably one of the oldest quick service restaurants in Yamunanagar Model Town is Kathi Roll Junction. Being so old the junction isn’t that inviting but the kathi roll/frankie they make is the best quick snack for a long day of work and it’s finger-licking good.

Baozi Momos

Baozi momos is a traditional and authentic Momo food chain with multiple stores in Delhi and NCR that offers over 30 different kinds of momos. Steam momos, fried momos, gravy momos, tandoori momos, kurkure momos, everything just lay in front of your eyes on a giant menu. Obviously both veg and non veg options are available here.

This restaurant is becoming Yamunanagar famous food chain and you’ll find plenty of momos lovers just gobbling up momos.


Roti is not typically a quick service restaurant and neither a dining restaurant. You can order dinner here but there is no sitting area around, so you have to get it delivered to your home or can take it away from there.

This restaurant does not have a huge fast-food menu but whatever you order it’s gonna taste delicious. And talking about Roti, you can check out the roti pizza recipe here.

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