Visiting Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Probably the oldest and well-preserved park of Yamuna Nagar city is Nehru Park. Yamuna Nagar is known for its food, grand market, timber, and plywood industries and has also gained much recognition for being the trade hub for the state of Haryana. But Nehru Park holds a special place in Yamuna Nagar

Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar is a peaceful and relaxing place with a good, not so wide walking track that covers around 550 m in one go. You will find good parking spots there and it is an excellent place to take a stroll in the evening.

Visiting Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar in 2023 Nehru Park ground

About Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar

Nehru Park is situated at the heart of Model Town and remains rushed in the morning and evening time. Although at the center of all the rush of model town, the car horns, and chit-chatting, Nehru Park remains very peaceful and quiet.

Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar entry gate

This is a large park and you will find plenty of greenery, different kinds of flowers and plantations, and all the sitting areas you need on the ground, although there are dedicated sitting benches and gazebos made.

Tip: Be wary, couples will find a difficult time in the park because of all the police questioning and there are mostly older people in the park so they can also ask you to leave.

Activities in Nehru Park

You will find enough activities in the park to keep you engaged and entertained. An outdoor gym has been developed at the center of the park where you can exercise to stay fit without giving a single penny.

A yoga hall is also situated there and beside the park is the Yamuna Club with a two wooden floored courts badminton hall and two lawn tennis courts just outside the badminton hall but the club itself is not well maintained and you have to pay extra for playing there if you are not the member.

Besides them, you can play all kinds of sports there like football and cricket, etc. but there are no dedicated football and cricket grounds in the park. So you play wherever you find the area in the park. And obviously, you can go for a morning and evening walk in the refreshing atmosphere of the park.

Outside Nehru Park

outside Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar model town market

Nehru Park is located at the center of the model town market, thus meaning there are numerous fast-food restaurants and shopping centers nearby the park so you can go shopping, eat delicacies, just stroll in the market, or do anything you like.

outside Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar gift shop

Gift shops, quick service restaurants like grill time, La Pino’s pizza, Dominos pizza, etc. dining restaurants, shopping centers like Suvidha, beauty palace, etc. all are within 5 min walk from the park.

outside Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar pizza place

How to Reach Nehru Park Yamuna Nagar

As the park is located in the center of the model town market, there are various different routes to reach the park from all directions.

You can choose to bring a car to the park but it will be difficult to find a parking spot during the rush hour. Yamuna Nagar city is a small city so the best way to reach there is to ride a bike, or a bicycle or just walk your way there.

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