The 2023 ultimate jaggi city center guide

The 2023 Ultimate Jaggi City Center Guide (Ambala)

Whether you are planning to chillax with friends and family or want to go on a shopping spree, here’s the ultimate Jaggi City Center guide. Located on the National Highway Delhi – Jammu (NH 44) in Ambala Cantt., Ambala Jaggi City Center houses more than 100 different local as well as international brands, consisting of both shopping and food brands. Over the years it has become a prominent shopping center for the people in and around Ambala.

Overview of the Jaggi City Center Guide

Jaggi City Center can deliver a quick escape from a busy lifestyle. It also acts as a refreshment point for many people driving on NH 44, who wants to take a quick break from a long drive.

The city center is open all week from 9 am – 11 am except Sunday and Monday which are 24 hrs.

The place is jam-packed with people all around the year. There are not a lot of activities for adults there but if you are with a kid, there are rides and fun activities for them to perform like sitting on ferris wheel, jumping on the trampoline, etc.

There is also a gas station beside the city center for a fill-up.

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What is Jaggi City Center Famous for ?

Shopping at Jaggi City Center

If there is anything that has the power to transform a bland day, it’s shopping. Once the retail therapy starts, everything seems better and the Jaggi provides you with exactly that. Two-thirds of the place is covered with outlets that have a blend of over 50 different brands of apparel, footwear, tech, etc.

The ultimate jaggi city center guide gift shop

If you like, you can spend the entire day going from one outlet to another and still would be in awe of the various varieties of products the shops have to offer. You can also find a number of gift shops there and can find numerous collections of presents for infants to teens.

The Jaggi gets you amazing deals with a heavy discount no matter when you visit there.

Food at Jaggi City Center

As we all know food unites people together. The Jaggi has some of the tastiest serving food joints, comprising both local and world-renowned food brands.

Every few months you will find a new eatery or change in the menu to keep your food experiences fresh. More than 1000 individuals visit the place for its delicacies each day.

There are so many options as to where you wanna eat and what you wanna eat! You’ll find restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors, sweet shops, takeaways, etc.

Where to Stay at Jaggi City Center ?

If you had a long drive and just want to rest for the night, the Jaggi also has a hotel called Clarks Inn. You can stay here for a night and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Clarks Inn is a 3-star hotel and has a beautiful interior design. It has medium-sized rooms and good room services. Room charges start from INR 2500 / 30 USD per night.

You can also book the banquet hall there for any events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

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